OS-Easy wurde von Deloitte mit "Technology Fast 50 China" ausgezeichnet

Oct. 18, 2017

Am 16. November kündigte Deloitte, die größte Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft der Welt, "2016 Technology Fast 50 China" in Wuhan an. OS-Easy wurde von Deloitte mit einer 3140% igen Beteiligung an Technology Fast 50 China und "Technology Fast 20 Optics Valley" Wachstum in drei Jahren.



OS-Easy ist das einzige Unternehmen, das sich auf die IaaS-Private Cloud in der Cloud-Computing-Branche konzentriert, die in der Werbetafel aufgeführt ist.


Zhang sagte, OS-Easy in der Entwicklung Cloud-Computing-Produkte gewidmet ist, die Planung und Implementierung von Cloud Computing, Cloud-Computing-Betrieb und Management-Dienstleistungen, pünktlichen Cloud-Computing-Service für Kunden aus der Industrie zur Verfügung zu stellen. Wir haben für die Ausbildung mehr als 500 Private-Cloud-Projekte geliefert, öffentliche Sicherheit, Gericht, Landressourcen, Sozialversicherung, Gesundheitspflege, usw. OS-Easy wurde durch die Benutzeranforderungen, hohe Stabilität und den empfangenen Service ausgewählt und erhielt eine hohe Anerkennung durch die Benutzer.

Basierend auf dem Trend, traditionelle IT-Architektur in Cloud Computing umzuwandeln, nutzte OS-Easy die Gelegenheit und realisierte mit seinem innovativen Service-Modus High-Speed-Wachstum

1. Service Principal und Flow-Innovation: Providing cloud infrastructure service generally use virtualization and cloud computing technology, to simplify industry information management, and the service principal is manager and operating decision maker. By service flow reengineering and innovating, OS-Easy change service principle to end user, take users' business requirements as orientation. 

Zhang introduced, for example, in university, our service principal is changed from IT administrator to teachers, students, scientific researchers and innovative entrepreneurial teams. Targeting at the application features of teachers and students?teaching/learning, examination, experiments, scientific researches and daily life, provide them more convenient, more intuitive, more efficient cloud infrastructure service, complete all applications with one flow and make it accessible with Internet Explorer:

(1) Scientific research team needs a set of scientific research environment, including database, middleware, different operating systems and professional software.

(2) Student needs an experimental environment, which can be accessible both in classroom and dormitory.

(3) Teacher needs a teaching environment, which can be portable for mobile teaching.

(4) Need a cloud storage space for storing class preparation and teaching data, which can be accessible during teaching.

(5) Innovative entrepreneurial team needs a Hackerspace.

(6) Need to apply for a virtual online class for teaching or computer examination.

(7) Conducting a scientific research needs a high-performance computing cluster.  

2. Product technology innovation: connect low-level architecture, centrally manage all resources pools of various architectures and physical devices, not just stacking products or putting dozens of components together. Based on a number of scenarios and accumulation of data generated by different users using infrastructure, provide multi-dimensional charts and report analysis to help with capacity predict and future planning.

3. Service and support innovation: Cooperate with government, enterprises and schools to establish joint laboratories and develop joint projects, interoperate ecosphere resources, establish local distribution on-site service system, to continuously optimize internal service flow, enlarge service scope, and reduce response time by 50%.

Deloitte reviews

Deloitte commented, enlisted Wuhan enterprises stand for the "Four-New Economy" development trend. OS-Easy take the high-speed developing cloud computing technology as entrance, provide customers with server virtualization, desktop virtualization, cloud management platform products, and provide complete private cloud solutions.

Inclusion criteria

The evaluation criteria of Deloitte "Technology Fast 50" is very strict. Qualified enterprises must have been operating for at least three years, with independent intellectual property or proprietary technology which brought significant avenue growth for the company. During the evaluated three years, the avenue of first year must be less than RMB 1 million.

The project began in 1995 in American Silicon Valley, entered China in 2005, and held in dozens of countries simultaneously every year, renowned as the "Criteria of global high-growth enterprises" There emerged many industry leaders among the listed enterprises: Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, Le TV, Qihoo 360 etc. Most of these top 50 companies are in the early stage of growth, so Deloitte Technology Fast 50?is also known as the platform for finding the Stars of Tomorrow.